What We Do


It isn’t always easy planning the perfect lighting scheme, we understand this at ECS and offer a full design service from controller types to cable specs helping make the project run smooth all the way through.


Our experience of projects small and large has given us a vast amount of knowledge on how to keep commissioning projects simple and efficient, leading to un-rivalled levels of customer satisfaction. Not only will we take all parties comments and ideas on board we will also go the extra mile, researching what really matters to local areas and businesses to help ensure the wider communities can respect and enjoy what stunning lighting displays can offer.


Due to our extensive lighting background we have the capabilities to offer every element of a lighting scheme. With links to some of the most successful lighting suppliers in the UK, finding the right solution is easier than you might think!


Once your project is up and running there’s no need to feel like this is the end… At ECS we offer a wide selection of after sales services ranging from training sessions and installation assessments to content creation and management.

Technical Consultancy

Here’s something a bit different … During our time in the Architectural lighting world, we noticed certain gaps between the different parties involved in creating the perfect lighting scheme. Having a Technical Consultant to evaluate or support a lighting scheme could help prevent key information being missed or overlooked, help enhance or increase control capabilities, provide valuable installation liaison to help the install run smooth and ultimately help the end user get the very best for their money. Working alongside lighting designers, M&E Consultants and installers our input could help prevent issues, saving you time and money. Interested? We thought you would be!

Project Management

We offer a full project management service, and we can oversee the entire project from the outset until completion, to ensure the project runs smoothly and meets time and budget requirements. We take care of the initial planning through our full design service, and we are also system commissioners who specialise in dynamic lighting scenes, going the extra mile to research what lighting displays can offer for unrivalled customer satisfaction. We can supply the lighting products that meet the design brief for every element of a lighting scheme, through our network of leading lighting suppliers in the UK. Once the project is complete, we continue to take care through our aftersales, to ensure that the project is exceeding expectations. Put your project in our hands, we have the knowledge, expertise, experience, and network to take control of each aspect and see it all the way through.

Our Projects